Tom Thorne

tom thorne from mark billinghams booksWho is Tom Thorne?

When Mark Billingham wrote his first book featuring the lead character Tom Thorne (Sleepyhead) he was determined that Tom should be a character who would never be set in stone, but rather one who would develop and grow with each book. This has very much been the case throughout the books to date, the character of Tom Throne develops and grows with all the good and bad that happens in the books.

Tom Throne is quite a dark character who carries the scares of his past, in-fact its this that really makes the character in my eyes.

I was tempted to list all of the things that have shaped Tom Thornes character, however i feel that doing so could spoil books which you have not yet read.

However i can give you the following facts on Tom Thorne:

  • He lives in London.
  • He works on Murder Squad at the Metropolitan Police.
  • He was forty-one years old in Sleepyhead.
  • He supports Tottenham Hotspur FC.
  • He likes country music (much to the amusement to his co-workers)

Tom Thorne on TV

The Mark Billingham books featuring Tom Thorne are currently in development for BBC TV.

When books i love are made into TV or film I am always interested to see who plays the main characters and does that person fit the image I have in my head. Having read all 7 books i am even more interested to see who they cast as D.I Tom Thorne.

The Tom Throne books

In the Dark (2008)
Death Message (2007)
Buried (2006)
Lifeless (2005)
The Burning Girl (2004)
Lazybones (2003)
Scaredy Cat (2002)
Sleepyhead (2001)

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